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(Revised November 2023)


PROBUS is a local, national, and international association of PROfessional and BUSiness people who are approaching or already enjoying retirement and who come together in autonomous Clubs that provide regular opportunities for Members to meet others in similar circumstances, with similar levels of interest, make new friends, and maintain and expand their interests.


The Denbigh and District Probus Club was formed in 1974 and:

Is non-political and non-discriminatory;

Is non-profit making and does not fund-raise other than for its own internal needs;

Holds luncheon meetings monthly.


1  Title   The name of the Club shall be “DENBIGH AND DISTRICT PROBUS CLUB”.


2  Objective   The objective of the Club shall be good friendship, fellowship and intellectual stimulation.


3  Membership  

  1. The Club shall be open to all people who are approaching or already enjoying retirement from PROfessional and BUSiness backgrounds and or who have had some measure of responsibility in life, who are of good character and respected in their communities.  

  2. The Club Membership shall consist of Members enrolled by vote of the Membership.

  3. The Club will be managed by a Committee elected from the Membership.

  4. Should the attendance of a Member at Club meetings fall below 50% in any one year without acceptable explanation, or a Member exhibits unacceptable behaviour, the Committee shall recommend to the body of Members that their Membership be terminated.

  5. In recognition of a Member finding difficulty in maintaining the requisite attendances because of personal or family illness, the Committee may recommend to the body of Membership that such a Member be carried as supernumerary to the total Membership.  Supernumerary Membership shall not exceed five Members.  The Annual Membership Fee will be waived for Supernumerary Members.

  6. A Member wishing to resign shall notify the Secretary in writing.


4  Invitation to Membership

  1. Prospective Members will be introduced by an existing Member or will otherwise make themselves known to a Committee Member.

  2. The Membership Officer will provide the Prospective Member with an Application Form that will comply with the necessary regulations such as General Data Protection (GDPR) and will include the requirement for a short autobiographical note.

  3. On receipt of a satisfactorily completed form the Membership Officer will give an invitation to a lunch meeting, at no cost to the Prospective Member. At this lunch the Prospective Member will be invited to address the Membership introducing himself or herself.

  4. The following process will be followed to seek the Members' acceptance or otherwise of the Prospective Member.

    1. Following the Prospective Member's attendance at a lunch, the Membership Officer will seek confirmation by email that the Prospective Member still desires to join.  The objective being to have such confirmation within 1/2 week of the lunch.  If no such confirmation is received, no further action need be taken.

    2. The Membership Officer will then send (within 1/2 week) by email (or post as necessary) to all Members, a copy of the Prospective Member's short autobiographical note, with the requirement to respond within one week as to whether or not the Member considers the Prospective Member to be an acceptable candidate.  No response from a Member will be taken as abstention.  To be considered acceptable, the Prospective Member must gain more votes for than against (thus a draw = No).

    3. Members may discuss any concerns in confidence with the Membership Officer or President and register their acceptance or otherwise (within the timeframe).  If the concern raised is such as to potentially disqualify the Prospective Member the President must be so informed (without breaking confidence).

    4. At the end of the voting period (i.e. two weeks from the lunch) the Membership Officer will inform the Committee of the result by email.  The Membership Officer will not divulge individual votes.

    5. If the tally is against membership, the Membership Officer will so inform the Prospective Member, and Members will be informed by email/post.

    6. If the tally is in favour, the President will then have three days in which to confirm acceptance or, if concerns have been raised, delay a decision to the next Committee meeting.  By the next Committee Meeting the President will discuss the matter with the Member who raised the concern and will bring the matter to the Committee to decide on the way forward.  The Prospective Member will be informed either of their success at joining and be invited to the next Meeting, or will be informed of a delay.

  5. The New Member will be provided with a list of Members, a copy of the Constitution and Rules plus information about future meetings.


5  Club Committee

  1. The Committee managing the affairs of the Club will normally comprise President, Vice-President, Business Officer, Finance Officer, and others they require (such as Luncheon Officer, and Auditor). 

  2. Within these Rules, titles given to Committee Members are designed to reflect the tasks being undertaken.  Where a particular title is used, it should be read as meaning “The Committee Member responsible for undertaking the task described by the title” whatever actual titles are being used by the Committee at the time.

  3. Members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in November by a show of hands.  A simple majority of Members present will suffice with the President having the casting vote.

  4. The Committee may co-opt additional Members.

  5. The President shall hold office for one year and be succeeded by the Vice-President. 

  6. Committee Members shall normally hold office for not more than three consecutive years unless re-elected annually by Members. 

  7. All Members are expected to take turns on the Committee.


6  Committee Meetings

  1. At least four Committee Meetings will be held annually.

  2. Committee Meetings will normally be held immediately prior to a Club Meeting.

  3. Three Members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

  4. The Meeting will be chaired by the President, or the Vice President, or the Business Officer, in that order of priority.  If none of those three are available, the meeting will be abandoned and reconvened at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

  5. The Business Officer shall keep minutes of each meeting for agreement at the next meeting.  A paper copy of the minutes will be signed by the President and will be kept by the Business Officer until such time as the Committee decides otherwise.


7  Club Meetings

The Club will normally hold a luncheon meeting on the first Monday of each month except when this falls on a public holiday, in which case the following Monday will be selected. The Club may also arrange visits to places of interest.

  1. Members’ Guests:

    1. Members may invite guests to any meeting other than the AGM.  The Member will pay for the guest’s lunch.  (This invitation is separate from a Membership Officer’s invitation to a Prospective Member.)

    2. Members may bring up to two guests at a time to up to six meetings per year; no guest allowed to more than three meetings per year.

    3. Members should give the Luncheon Officer due notice of the intention of the Member to invite a guest, along with the guest’s name(s).  

  2. Club Meetings will generally have the following agenda:

    1. Commencing at 12noon Members are encouraged to circulate and converse in an informal setting.

    2. Lunch will be served at 1pm.  The seating will be determined by the Luncheon Officer who will place name cards on tables, generally, in a random order.

    3. Immediately prior to lunch being served, the President will make brief opening remarks including a welcome to any guests and speaker and an offering of thanks.   

    4. Following lunch, the President will lead the loyal toast and make any announcements necessary

    5. If there is a speaker, and/or business to conduct, a break will be given.

    6. The guest speaker will be invited to address Members.

    7. Any business will be conducted.

    8. The meeting is anticipated to close around 3-3.30pm with the President making closing remarks and raising a toast to the Club.

  3. Invitation Lunch Meetings.

    1. Invitation Lunch Meetings will be held to which Members will be encouraged to invite their spouse/partner/friend as their guest.  

    2. These meeting will otherwise be the same as Club Meetings.  

    3. The frequency and timing of these meetings will be proposed by the Committee for decision at the AGM.

  4. Annual General Meeting - AGM.

    1. These meetings will be as Club Meeting with the exception that the business of the AGM will follow the lunch.

    2. As a minimum, the following business should be addressed and voted on as necessary.  

  1. Welcome to Members.

  2. Apologies. 

  3. Approval of the Minutes of the previous AGM.

  4. Retiring President’s Annual Report.

  5. Finance Officer’s Report and discussion thereon

  6. Reports from other Officers 

  7. Election of Committee and Officers:-



Finance Officer

Business Officer

Other Officers and Committee Members

Immediate Past President (no vote required)

  1. Retiring President passes regalia to Incoming President

  2. Incoming President’s address.

  3. Business for coming year:-

Frequency and timing of Invitation Lunches

Changes to the Constitution and Rules

  1. Any Other Business

  1. In all votes a simple majority of Members present will suffice with the President having a casting vote.  A quorum for voting shall be one third (rounded down) of paid-up Members.

  1. The Luncheon Officer will determine the appropriate means and timing of ascertaining Members’ intentions for attendance at meetings.  The means to be adequately communicated to Members.  

  2. Once a Member’s intention to attend has been ascertained by the Luncheon Officer, the Member will be liable for the cost of the lunch.  In changing circumstances, the venue may be able to accommodate changes to a Member’s intentions with minimal notice, but this cannot be relied upon.  In exceptional circumstances, the Committee may waive the Member’s liability to the cost of a missed lunch.


8  Finance

  1. The annual subscription shall be paid in January of each year. The Committee will determine the subscription payable by a new Member who joins the Club after the first month of the year.

  2. An audited income and expenditure account, with balance sheet, of the Club finances for the last financial year ending in September, shall be presented by the Finance Officer at the AGM, with comments about risks to the Club.

  3. At the AGM, Members shall have an opportunity to discuss the finances of the Club and to recommend any changes.

  4. Should the Club be wound up, any remaining funds will be distributed to a local registered charity.


9  Alterations to Constitution and Rules

  1. An alteration may only be made at the AGM or at an Extra Ordinary General Meeting requested by at least one third of the Club Members. 

  2. In either case 14 days notice of the proposal shall be given to all Members of the Club. 

  3. A Member wishing to institute a change shall submit details in writing to the Business Officer in such time as to permit prior consideration by the Committee before the AGM or the Extra Ordinary General Meeting.

  4. It is incumbent upon the Committee to review the Constitution and Rules and risks to the Club, at least annually, and propose changes considered necessary to the AGM.

  5. Under exceptional circumstances, the Committee will manage the Club as necessary to maintain the Club’s best interests in the circumstances.

  6. Appendix 1 is not subject to Rule 9a.  The Appendix should be updated by the Committee as and when the Constitution and Rules are reprinted.





1974-75 Dai Wheway Davies

1975-76 Arthur Roberts

1976-77 Jim Ellison

1977-78 Ernest Roberts

1978-79 Frank Haddon

1979-80 Emrys Roberts

1980-81 Gordon Censi

1981-82 Len Grimbley

1982-83 John Rhys Williams

1983-84 Glynne Price

1984-85 Oliver Tordoff

1985-86 Ewart Price Williams

1986-87 George Gough

1987-88 John E Davies

1988-89 Bill Bickley

1989-90 Trevor Aldrich

1990-91 Harry Maddock

1991-92 Ivor Watkins

1992-93 Bob Howe

1993-94 Hugh Jones

1994-95 Cliff Bent

1995-96 David Evans

1996-97 Bob McKee

1997-98 Pat Thompson

1998-99 Tom Thompson

1999-2000 G Wyn Williams

2000-01 Terry Barrett

2001-02 Eric Johnson

2002-03 Meurig Voyle

2003-04 Emrys Williams

2004-05 Eirwyn Jones

2005-06 Mike Freeman

2006-07 Bob Roberts

2007-08 Peter Davies

2008-09 Peter Wyer

2009-10 Maurice Bitcon

2010-11 Aldie Robarts

2011-12 Eifion Jones

2012-13 David Birch

2013-14 Bryn Davies

2014-15 Terrence Gillespie

2015-16 Peter Gibson

2016-17 Gwyn Evans

2017-18 Philip Brelsford

2018-19 Keith Lester

2019-21 John Peel 

In 2021 the title Chairman was changed to President



2021-22 Julia Hughes

2022-23 John Barr

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